Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The G's are in school!

Adorable George had his first day of school, ever, today. James took the day off for his big day. We wanted to take him to lunch, and I was happy he chose Chick-Fil-A, which means he prefers it over McDonald's again. He was super happy and excited all day. He wore his tennis shoes to school, he said there might be a race. He also thought there would be a kids baseball game. I was a little worried that preschool would not live up to the fantasy preschool he had in his head, but he still liked it. Phew! He has the same teacher that Gillian had her second year, and is in good hands. And his Aunt Ellyn is down the hall. He is first on the calendar for taking snack. And, tomorrow he wants to wear his wolf shirt that he asked me to make for him. Tomorrow is the first real day of school, today was orientation. I'm looking forward to seeing him walk in tomorrow, he's going to be the cutest - and then I'm hoping his cute little brother will fall asleep between school and home, and stay that way as I carry him in to our house where I will be balancing housework and rest most Tuesday through Friday afternoons until next summer. That's my school afternoons fantasy that I'm depending on coming true!

That was Gillian on her second day of school (we do have pics of her first day, they are just not easily accessible right now). She suggested that her shirt would have a little girl wearing a backpack walking her dog who is sniffing a flower on it :). I made two different ones for her to choose from. She wanted to wear one the first day and one the next. Tomorrow she will be wearing more normal clothing :), but the same jeans. She really likes them. I might need to tell her teacher that I wash them every day, in case she starts to wonder about her wearing them every day :). Gillian actually has a sub for the first few weeks of school. She is a retired teacher who has come back to sub while her teacher is on leave, taking care of her brother who was having surgery. James suggested to Gillian that she uses George being sick as an excuse for missing school :). I'm glad she's old enough that she understands the humor in that and how that should just be family joke, or at least I hope she does :). Gillian likes that she has her own desk with some of her own school supplies in it. Kindergarten was a community supply type set up. She also likes that as a first grader, she can play on the black top during recess, kindergartners are not allowed. It's a much longer day for her, but so far, so good!

I am happy for the G's! And to be quite frank, for myself :). I am really looking forward to my school afternoons. I am happy and blessed!


Kelli said...

they look great and i'm so glad they are enjoying school! i'm totally with you on enjoying the time when the kids are in school... you know they are having a good time and you have time to do what you need to do! yay for the g's! :)

Anonymous said...

They are so sweet! It's kinda nice for Reuben too, to have you all to himself. :o)

Tanya said...

Happy Back to School to you!! :) Love the pics.

Lisa said...

Your kids are getting so big! I guess so are mine :( Love the update!

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