Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I didn't put this on FB, but feel like posting a blog about it :). I like having what I'm pretty sure is a much smaller audience here :).

I got a nose job. Just kidding, but I think some strangers may have thought so :). I had a small spot on my nose that was raw and not healing. I decided to go to the dermatologist and get it checked, and it was biopsied at my visit. I was really self conscious about wearing a really small circle bandaid on my nose afterwards. And, I was feeling like I might have been silly for going to the doctor. Turns out it was a good idea. I had pre-cancerous cells and some that had just switched to squamous cell carcinoma. Not as scary of a diagnosis as it may sound, you just have to get it removed.

I went in Friday looking normal and came out looking like this. (James and I laughed at me a lot that day :). Generally bandages are not funny, but this one stuck out so far and I looked like a clown.
I had a small skin graft using skin from my ear to fix the hole on my nose. I got to look at the open wound and the closed wound on my nose before the bandage. It was gross, but the nurse told me not to worry, it would heal well. I mostly hid/recovered at home until I took the big bandage off on Sunday. On Monday, it looked remarkably better from what I saw on Friday. And Monday was even better than Sunday. I'm now down to a smallish bandaid on my nose and one on my poor ear. The ear is the uncomfortable part, but not a big deal either. I feel pretty much normal now. Compared to the initial bandage, a little one seems like nothing. Probably also helped to finally get my hair washed at the Hair Lottery (Hair Cuttery) yesterday. I have to cover it for two weeks with a bandaid and then its an optional cosmetic thing after that.

I'm glad its all over, especially all those shots in my nose and ear. I was again complemented during surgery - I always put on a really brave front for medical staff :). My nerves made it very difficult to recall what my kids were for Halloween, though, when I was asked in the room before it started :). I can easily tell you now. Gillian was a Redskin cheerleader, George was Bobafet, and Reuben was Spiderman. This would be a great place to insert a picture if I had one. They were cute, trust me :).

Wear your sunscreen and sunscreen your small children! Happy Fall!


Tracy said...

Glad you got it checked out and taken care of. Good reminder to wear sunscreen.
You still look beautiful in the photo... clown nose and all. :-)

Tanya said...

Love you much!!!

Keri Mayer said...

For some reason, I decided to check your blog tonight, so glad I did! I am happy you were brave enough to get it checked out, and that it was a quick fix. Love you!

ps. I would have laughed at your bandage too, wish I could've seen it in person. Wish I could just see you in person!! :)

Tracy said...

I'm hoping you get this response...
Ironically, I am living next door to friends of yours from church who just moved from Mont. County. Ben and Catherine and their two little boys..(don't want to be dropping names.. I'm guessing you know who I mean) I gave her a change of address card to give to you at church on Sunday. She said she was sure you'd be over for a playdate with her kids. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting your family. :-)


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